Our Business of the Week! – Dribble Stop Tops

I’m sure all parent’s will agree that amongst the cute smiles, the tiny outfits, the heart melting scent of a new baby, there is also a somewhat unglamorous side to it all.

One such point in this is dribbling, babies drool! They put things in their mouths to have a chomp and to discover the world! A side effect of that is soaking wet vests, t-shirts and all those other items of tiny clothes you’ve lovingly picked out and dressed them in, this also leads to a wet chest that can make delicate skin sore.

So what’s the answer? Most bibs can be tugged off and continual wiping with a cloth can add to the soreness and discomfort…

Luckily, 2 mums come to your rescue and so began,



The mission was to create a product that would alleviate the problem, a product kind to mums and safe for little ones. Finally after many more cups of coffee and with the help of an old sewing machine, our first top was made and IT WORKED!

So these two ladies worked hard into the night and after lots of testing and the odd hour snatched between nursery and bedtimes they finally did it, through sheer determination and a passion for their cause, Dribble Stop Tops are now on shelves in all Kiddiecare stores and on-line at littlecasa.com – they are sold in packs of 2 for £13.99


So how does it work? …. 


  • A Pocket made of Specialised Waterproof Material with Skin-Like Breathability – is hidden inside the top which completely covers and protects the Dribble Zone (chest area).
  • The Unique Extra High Neckline – Ensures maximum coverage.
  • Our Discreet Dribble Stop Protection – Acts as a barrier & helps stop dribble soaking through to baby’s delicate skin.
  • Soft Cotton Jersey – Is the only material in contact with baby’s skin ensuring they remain comfortable as well as, safe & dry.

Simply replace your baby’s regular top or vest with a Dribble Stop Top. Sizes 0-3ms, 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m. Available in packs of 2 white or 1 white & 1 stripe (pink or blue).

Parent friendly too!….

  • No More Constant Clothing Changes = A lighter changing bag
  • Fewer Changes = Less washing & less ironing
  • Tumble Dryable = Convenience
  • Safe Protection = Peace of mind for those nap times & nursery days
  • No more disturbed sleeps (due to cold wet chests) = more sleep for you

It is really simple and it works! Who knew keeping your baby comfortable and dry could be this much of a breeze?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Dribble Stop Top, you can find them below;





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